“The Good Times I Had at Your Place” – Bart, PA (1915)

Mrs. James Irwin was celebrating a birthday at her home in Bart, Pennsylvania.

Bart us a rural township in southeast Lancaster County.

Louisa Graeff, a cousin of Mrs. Bart, sent a postcard greeting in honor of the day.

The postcard bears an ornate design of a clock and a verse in elaborate and colorful script.

Entitled, “Fleeting Hours”, the verse expresses hope that each moment will be bright and happy, and that the hours will give birth to joy.

Louisa mailed the postcard from Christiana, a borough about 5 miles west of Bart.

In her message, Louisa reports that she had a call from Mabel; she invites Mrs. Irwin to visit; she notes (colloquially), “I often think of good times I use (sic) to have at your place”.

The message ends with the wistful remark, “How times change.”

One hopes that Mrs. Irwin enjoyed a splendid birthday and that she was able to meet her old friend, Louisa Graeff.


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