New Year’s Greetings between Two Ediths – Philadelphia, PA (1907)

On December 31, 1907, “Edith” mailed a postcard from Philadelphia to Miss C. Edith Yoder at 322 Pine Street in Lancaster, PA.

The writer, Edith, thanks the recipient, Edith, for ” the lovely gift” and wishes “happy new year to all”.

The postcard was “Made in Germany”.

The face bears an illustration of a floral heart composed of forget-me-nots and four-leaf clovers.

From the floral heart, pink ribbons support a sign inscribed, “1908”.

The house at 322 North Pine was erected in 1905; Edith Yoder was living in a new house when she received this postcard greeting.

One hopes that each of the Ediths enjoyed the New Year and remained friendly correspondents for many years.


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