Nora Decker

Nora Decker – circa 1910

I purchased a small lot of postcard photographs on-line because several of the postcards had inscriptions on the reverse.

Among the images in that lot was this photograph of Nora Decker.

(Her name was written, in pencil, on the reverse of the photograph.)

To me, not an expert in the history of fashion, the clothes look decidedly pre-WWI.

Of course, an older person might favor styles from an earlier time.

Because 1910 was the height of the boom in studio-printed postcard photographs, I am suggesting that date (with the reservation that the postcard could have been taken a few years earlier or as much as ten years later.)

I regret that we do not know very much about Nora.

She is standing in front of a house, but the place is not recorded. (The full image is posted in the Comments.)

She appears to be a person careful of her appearance and very self-assured.

I admire her posture.

One hopes that she lived happily in the early years of the twentieth century.


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