“Nothing Doing” from Henrietta – Keiser, PA (1906)

Mr. Harry Kreamer lived in the community of Kreamer, a census-designated place in Snyder County of central Pennsylvania.

Until 2019, the community had been the site of a large cabinetmaking business.


In December of 1906, Harry received a comic postcard from Henrietta.

Henrietta mailed the postcard from Keiser, an unincorporated community in Northumberland County, east of Snyder County.

The post office in Keiser was closed in 1971.


The face of the postcard is a photograph of a bored-looking young woman and a disinterested young man leaning apart from one another on opposite ends of a settee.

The aloofness or alienation of the young people is manifested in their facial expressions and body language.

The scene is entitled, “Nothing Doing”.

The postcard photograph was made and published by J. Murray Jordan of Philadelphia, a prolific creator of humorous images related to romance or courtship.

The image was copyrighted in 1905.

We have seen other examples of his work -some including the same models used in this photograph.

On the border of the face, Henrietta writes, “From a friend” and “Hoping to hear from you soon”.

One hopes that Henrietta and Harry found a high degree of mutual attraction and engagement, and that their correspondence and relationship continued for many years.


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