“A Message in the Chimes” – Providence, Rhode Island (1916)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lockhart lived in Providence, the old and beautiful city which is the capital of Rhode Island.


On New Year’s Day of 1916, the Lockharts received a postcard greeting from Clara and Sam.

The postcard was mailed from Fall River, the mill town on the Taunton River in southern Massachusetts.


The face of the postcard has a crinkled appearance, resembling an ancient scroll.

The tattered sheet is adorned with two, tiny red bells and a heart-shaped bunch of holly.

The names, “C. & Sam” are lightly inscribed in pencil on the edge of the face.

Beneath the sprigs of holly is a rhyming verse:

“My message in the chimes you’ll hear—

A joyous merry, glad New Year”.

The copyright of the publisher, the Stegher Company, is visible on the lower left.

On the reverse, the senders write, “Best Wishes for a Happy New Year”.

 It seems that the Lockharts appreciated the New Year remembrance as the postcard was preserved in very good condition.

One hopes that they, and Clara and Dan, enjoyed the year 1916.


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