Ogden, Utah – circa 1920

A few weeks ago, we read about the “Overland Express” – the famed train from San Francisco to Chicago.
One feature of that historic route was that the rail cars were transported by different railroad companies.
The first leg of the journey, an incredible climb through the Sierra Nevada Mountains, was made by the Southern Pacific Railroad.
At Ogden, Utah, the rail cars were connected to engines of the Union Pacific Railroad.
(Ogden is the closest city to Promontory Point, the historic site where a golden spike marked the completion of the first Transcontinental Railway.
It had a colorful history as a crime-ridden, mob hang-out during Prohibition.
Today, it remains a center of freight transportation and industry.)
Soon after posting that story, I discovered that I had images of Ogden in an old postcard folder.
The folder is not complete (it lacks the “wrapper), so I do not know if the series of postcard-sized scenes had been mailed.
The first image is of the Railroad Station in Ogden, which marked the end of the rail sequence to or from San Francisco.
Thousands of travelers on their multi-day journey by train would have passed through this station.


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