The Snowy Village – Cuervo, Texas (1907)

Spring is soon to arrive, yet snow covers the ground in many parts of the east coast today.
This postcard illustration seemed appropriate for the appearance of our surroundings today.
Mrs. Robert Brown lived in Cuervo, a small city (and the seat of DeWitt County) in southeast Texas.
Cuervo was the origin of the famed Chisholm Trail – the path of vast cattle drives to markets in the 19th
In October of 1907, Mrs. Brown received a postcard from her cousin, Ottilie Schrade, who lived in
Arneckeville, Texas.
The very small community of Arneckeville is about 8 miles from Cuervo.
(Arneckeville no longer has a post office.)
This area, inhabited since Paleolithic times by a succession of indigenous peoples, was visited by Spanish
and by French explorers.
The first European settlements were made by Germans, and many family names in the area reflect the
German roots.
Mrs. Brown was made aware that Mama and Aunt Lena were planning to visit on the following week-
Cousin Ottilie sends love to all.
The postcard, made in the US, lacks an indication of printer or publisher.
I could not find any identification of the artist who created the impressionistic, snowy scene.
One hopes that everyone enjoyed the family visit at the home of Mrs. Brown.


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