Ordering the Steam Trap – Woburn, Massachusetts (1885)

Mr. Eaton lived in Woburn, the city of Middlesex County – about 9 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts.


In May of 1885, Mr. J. H. Eaton was in need of a steam trap, the valve that is required to release condensation with minimal loss of steam.


Accordingly, Mr. Eaton sent a postcard to the Albany Steam Trap Company in Albany, New York.

This firm was a noted manufacturer of steam traps and other industrial products.

An antiquarian book seller has a copy of a printed volume related to the Albany Steam Trap Company that was published in 1890.


The communication from Mr. Eaton was made on a Postal Card, printed by the US Postal Service, which features a black impression of Lady Liberty facing left.

On the reverse, Mr. Eaton requests “a catalogue of your trap”.

The request seems to have been managed by a clerk who inscribed an ornate “Sent Cir.”

I assume that the notation refers to a circular of the company’s products.

One hopes that Mr. Eaton found a steam trap that met his requirements and that the Albany Steam Trap Company furnished the product for him.


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