Owen is Worried – Martinsburg, West Virginia (circa 1910)

The face of this lovely postcard shows a night-time boating excursion.

A young couple drifts in a rowboat, under the light of a full moon.

(No one is handling the oars, so the boat is still moored by an unseen rope -or the couple is adrift.)

On the side of the rowboat, a legend reads:  “Your Silence Worries Me”.

On the reverse, the name of Mr. Owen Fisher is neatly typed.

Owen lived in Martinsburg, the largest city on the eastern panhandle of West Virginia.

This area was strongly divided by the Civil War with residents joining both the Union and the Confederate armies.


The postcard was not mailed.

We don’t know if the postcard was presented to Owen, perhaps by a frustrated young secretary who feels neglected, or if it was collected by Owen.

At a time when typewriters were seldom present in households, type-written addresses are not common.

(If given to Owen, my title is misleading – someone is concerned about the reticence of Owen.)

It is not common, but not unprecedented, for postcard collectors to inscribe their own names on their postcards.

I any event, one hopes that Owen enjoyed many courtship adventures and that his romantic overtures were not met with silence.


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