“Paid in Full” – Dayton, Ohio (1910)

This is the second half of the postcard series depicting a scene of romantic extortion.

The first postcard, “Pay of Swim” was mailed to Antoinette Hellfdoerfer in February of 1910.

This (second) postcard was mailed in March of 1910 to Miss Alanta Helldoerfer -who I believe is a sister to Antoinette.

The Helldoerfer family lived in Dayton, the prosperous city of southwest Ohio.


Both postcards were mailed from West Alexandria, a village about 20 miles from Dayton.


The face of this postcard bears an illustration of the progress of the two young ladies who are crossing the stream on a narrow plank.

Here, one girl is laughing on the bank as the second girl kisses the young man in the blue suit who had demanded the kiss.

The superimposed legend reads, “Paid in Full”.

Because this postcard was also mailed from West Alexandria (only four days after the first postcard), we may assume that the same person sent both postcards.

Although I could find a brief outline of life events for Antoinette, who received the first postcard, I could not find the same for Alanta.

One genealogical site notes that Antoinette had four siblings, but they are not named.

I did discover (on another site) that Antoinette (and Alanta, we presume) had a brother, Edward George Helldoerfer who was ten years older than Antoinette and who died in 1929 at age 54.

One hopes that the Helldoerfer sisters enjoyed many happy flirtations in their youth, and that they prospered in the 20th century.


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