“All Through My Lifetime” – Song Illustration (1907)

This unusual postcard was not mailed, but collected and preserved in very good condition.

Alas, we cannot identify any individuals connected to the romantic scene.

Here are the complications that made the postcard especially interesting:

The photograph on the face was copyrighted in 1907 by DeWitt C. Wheeler.

Wheeler was a noted producer of illustrations on glass slides and postcards; his early photographs of New York Streets in the late 19th century are now collected at New York University.


Frustratingly, I cannot find a biographical site related to him.

Here are examples of Wheeler’s illustrated songs preserved in the collections of the New York Public Library.


The photograph of Wheeler on this postcard was created as an illustration for a song that was published in the ”Illustrated Song Series” of Theodor Eismann of Leipzig and New York.

Here is an introduction to Eismann from the Research Center at Dumbarton Oaks.


The music of the song, “All Through My Life Time So Tenderly”, was controlled by “H. J. Wood Company, Music Publishers”, of New York.

Although I can not find a website devoted to this publishing company, I did find another romantic song published by the same combination of partners, Wheeler, Eismann, and Wood.



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