Paying Taxes in Hanover, PA  – 1916

I found this tax notice at a postcard exhibit, and noted immediately that the amount paid was 57 cents.

Having just paid (early) my 2020 school tax, I was struck by the very different tax rates in the early 20th century.

(Pennsylvania has long wrestled with the high assessment on property that is the primary source of funding for the public schools.)

Frank Britcher received his tax assessment for the Borough of Hanover on June 13, 1916.

The assessed taxes were $.60, but the tax notice indicated that the assessment would be reduced by 5% for payments made before August 1.

Consequently, when Frank paid his assessment to the “High Constable and Tax Collector” on June 25, he paid fifty-seven cents.

I hope Mr Britcher enjoyed a long and happy life in Hanover.


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