The Marketing of Margarine – Swift & Company (1914)

This is the second (and last) of the advertising postcards celebrating margarine that I acquired this year.

In the earlier postcard story, we considered how Swift & Company turned the by-product of their meat-packing empire into a new household staple.

Swift & Company, once the nation’s largest meat packer, began offering “oleomargarine” in 1914.

“Margarine” of today is made entirely of vegetable fats, but the original Oleomargarine was made from animal fat – which Swift had in abundance.

To promote the new product, Swift used postcard advertising.

A series of postcards celebrating the nations of the world (mostly European) was issued, beginning in 1914.

The earlier postcard story featured the nation of Italy; this postcard celebrates Spain.

The illustration on the face shows a boy, Carlos, playing the guitar.

An accompanying verse praises the songs and dances of the Spanish people.

The verses venture into National stereotypes.

On-line, one can find purveyors of old paper selling Swift advertisements illustrating other nationalities.

This postcard was not mailed, but appears to have been collected by C. S.S.

Because the postcard was from the family collection of John Jacob Oberholtzer, I believe the postcard belonged to Clarence Sensenig.

This postcard had some small creases and marks which I erased digitally – but was otherwise well-preserved.


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