Ralph Passes Every Course – Academy Corners, PA (1913)

Ralph S. Clark lived in Academy Corners, a settlement in Tioga County of north-central Pennsylvania.

In 1913, the village was served by two railroad lines – to Buffalo, NY and to Corning, NY.

(Tioga County borders the State of New York.)


I cannot find any genealogical information regarding Ralph; he reports, “I have not missed any time at school”, so I assume he was in High School.

At the beginning of the year, 1913, Ralph sent a postcard greeting to his aunt and uncle.

(The postcard is addressed only to the aunt, although Ralph greets, “Dear Aunt and Uncle”.)

The face of the postcard is adorned with a drawing of a rural home beneath which is a bouquet of roses.

The printed legend reads, “All Good Wishes”.

Ralph’s relatives, Mr. and Mrs. James Seely, lived in Osceola – a village in northern Tioga County, not the town in New York State by the same name.


On the reverse of the postcard, Ralph writes that Mother is recovering from a cold and that he has “passed everything (in school) so far”.

There is no longer a school in Academy Corners; the Post Office was closed in 1930.

Although the area once had lumber mills and grist mills, a hotel, a racetrack, and the Union School – these have not survived the loss of population in the region.

One hopes that Mr. and Mrs. Seely were pleased by Ralph’s greeting, that mother continued to improve in health, and that Ralph enjoyed continued success in his studies.


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