The Birthday of Christian Moyer – Elizabethtown, PA (1909)

I do not know if Christian Moyer was exceptionally handsome, good-natured, or kind-hearted, but I know that he received many postcards during his life.

In early December of 1908, Christian received a postcard greeting for his birthday.

The postcard was mailed from Elizabethtown by Estella Coble.

Estella offers wishes for many more birthdays, and signs, “As ever”.

The postcard, printed in Germany, features a silver face on which a rural scene and a large vase of flowers are arranged.

I collected a small sample of postcards mailed to Christian Moyer; there were many others for sale at a postcard exhibition early last year.

It is nice to know that this young man living outside of Elizabethtown was surrounded by friends.

One hopes that he enjoyed his birthday.


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