Remember the Sabbath

Remember the Sabbath – circa 1910

I love Sunday mornings, often the most quiet and peaceful hours of the week.

In New York, my apartment windows looked down on Fifth Avenue, and I would often stand at the windows on Sunday morning and reflect that the streets were as quiet and untraveled as a country village.

“Blue Laws” that restricted the opening of drinking establishments and public accommodations on Sunday mornings have been struck down or repealed, but I loved the effect on communities where quietness prevailed.

Interestingly, labor unions and trade associations supported “blue laws” as protecting workers and ensuring that all stores would not have to compete seven days a week.

(I am not advocating a return to the strict Sabbatarian restrictions of the previous century when children, who often worked six days a week, were constrained from any play or laughter on Sunday.)

This postcard illustration was part of a series representing the Ten Commandments. I have not yet collected all ten.

Printed in Germany, the postcard is well-made and in excellent condition. It was not mailed.


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