Ruth & Paul Visit Their Friends – Terre Haute, Indiana (1933)

In July of 1933, Ruth and Paul “had a week off” and they decided to take a trip to visit friends.

They saw the Mandevilles and the Dubins, and these friends asked about Mrs. Rae who lived in the historic town of Ephrata, PA.,_Pennsylvania

Paul and Ruth sent a postcard to Mrs. Rae to let her know that these friends remembered her.

The post was mailed from Terre Haute, the city on the Wabash River in west central Indiana – on the border of the state of Illinois.,_Indiana

The face off the postcard is a photograph of the Wabash River.

(The Wabash River has a prominent place in the nostalgic remembrance of Indiana, through songs such as “On the Banks of the Wabash”.)

The postcard was originally printed and published by Levin Brothers of Terre Haute, but was later re-published by the postcard publishing giant, Curt Teich of Chicago, in the 1930’s.

The original scene was probably printed before 1920.

It is not possible to know, from the postcard message, the home of Ruth and Paul. 

One hopes that Jean Rae was thrilled to receive the postcard and to be remembered by her friends in the Midwest, and that Ruth and Paul returned safely after their busy trip.


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