Summer in Swansea – Massachusetts (circa 1910)

Mrs. Richard Hazelhurst lived in Swansea, a town on the Taunton River in southeast Massachusetts – 47 south of Boston and 12 miles southeast of Providence, RI.

In the early 20th century, trolleys connected the city of Providence to the towns of Taunton, Fall River, and Swansea.

Sometime in August of a year near 1910, Mrs. Hazelhurst received a postcard from friend known only by initials on the reverse.

The face of the postcard is a hand-colored photograph of a country home, “The Willows”, in Touisset, Massachusetts.

Touisset is a hamlet on a peninsula extending into one of the numerous inlets and bays north of Newport, Rhode Island.

This property may now be the location of several luxury homes.

The postcard photograph was published by J. L. Davis of Touisset; it was printed in Germany.

Touisset is close to Swansea, so it is unclear if the postcard had any meaning other than a remembrance by a friend or neighbor.

It seems that Mrs, Hazelhurst was pleased by the greeting, as the postcard was preserved in good condition.


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