Sara and the Christmas Muff – circa 1915

This Christmas postcard was not mailed, so we cannot assign a place or a specific date to it.

It was presented to Sara Long by “The Burkhart Boys”.

We assume that the Burkharts were neighbors or family friends, and that the Burkharts had two or three sons.

The face of the postcard features a close-up view of a girl holding a furry muff.

Behind her is an empty, bleak winter landscape.

The red hat and scarf provide vivid contrast to the grey atmosphere.

Bright green leaves and red berries of the holly provide a frame for the drawing.

The postcard was “Made in USA”, probably soon after the start of the First World War.

I cannot decipher the small publisher’s mark on the lower left of the face.

One hopes that Sara and the Burkhart boys enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Christmas.


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