Seeing Colorado – Redlands, California (1909)

Miss Ashby lived in Redlands, a city in the San Bernardino Valley of southern California.

Redlands was developed as a center of the citrus industry with the arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad and the “Atchinson, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad” in the 1880’s.,_California

In June of 1909, Miss Ashby received a hand-tinted postcard photograph of Manitou, Colorado.

Manitou is a peak near the town of Manitou Springs: it is overshadowed by nearby Pike’s Peak.

Manitou Springs was developed as a resort and tourist destination around ancient medicinal springs; it is near the city of Colorado Springs in central Colorado.,_Colorado

A hiking trail leads to the top of Manitou, and a popular cog railway has taken visitors to an observation platform atop Pike’s Peak since 1891.

The postcard was sent by D. S. who seems to be a friend or neighbor from California.

The postcard was mailed from Denver, but the message on the reverse records many stopping points on the excursion.

The travelers were staying in Denver only a few more hours.

The party had been in Manitou and in Colorado Springs yesterday, and the  group also visited the “Garden of the Gods”.

The Garden of the Gods is a National Natural Historic Landmark of sandstone rock formations near Colorado Springs.

There is no reference to a prospective end of the trip, so we do not know when Miss Ashby will see her friends again.

One hopes that she will hear many more exciting things about the trip to Colorado.


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