The Resort at St. Claire Flats – Detroit, Michigan (1907)

Tom was devoted to Miss Mayme Pulcher.

Almost every day, Tom mailed a postcard to Mayme.

(An antique dealer has about a hundred examples of Tom’s correspondence.)

Tom traveled through the upper Midwest; he seems to have resided in Detroit.

Mayme lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Grand Rapids had been a fur-trading center for early French entrepreneurs, and a prosperous center of lumbering through the mid-19th century.

In the early twentieth century, Grand Rapids was a bustling center of various industries and diverse manufacturing.,_Michigan

Although Tom sent postcard photographs of many places that he visited, he did not discuss the reason for his travels.

We might assume that he was representing a company or a commercial product -like thousands of other young men “on the road”.

In August of 1907, Tom sent a postcard photograph of “A Resort Ste. Claire Flats, Mich.”

A small crowd of well-dressed folks are standing on a pier, probably a steamboat landing.

Behind them, buildings line the very edge of the lake or bay.

Ste. Claire Flats was developed as a resort area in the delta of the St, Clair River at Lake St. Clair.

Thousands of Detroit residents rode steamers to the hotels and spas at St. Clair Flats.

The postcard was published by the Detroit Publishing Company, one of the largest of the postcard companies.

(The postcard uses the French spelling of Ste. Claire”.

On the reverse, Tom reports that he received Mayme’s letter.

Tom is enjoying “a nice quiet day at home”; it is the “first one in months”.

Tom expresses a hope that Mayme “had a nice time with Fred and Kate”.

In closing, Tom sends regards to all.

One hopes that Tom was refreshed by his day off, that Mayme was thrilled to receive the postcard, and that all enjoyed the summer of 1907.


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