“Snowed In” with the Measles – Monticello, New York (1910)

Miss Pearl Washington lived in Monticello, the village in the Catskills of south-central New York.


In February of 1910, Pearl was celebrating a birthday.

She received a Birthday postcard from Evelyn who lived in Sligo, PA.

Sligo is a borough in the Licking Valley of Clarion County in northwest Pennsylvania.


The face of the postcard bears an illustration of two birds perched on a bough of bright, blue blossoms.

Beneath the drawing is a verse:

“No golden words,

No courtly phrase

But the simple wish:

Many Happy Days”

The postcard was printed in Germany.

On the reverse, Evelyn shares the news about a difficult winter.

“The snow is deep here and it is awful cold”.

Apart from the weather, there are other complications’

“Arthur has the measles, and Florena and I can’t go to school”.

Florena and Evelyn are “studying at home”.

Despite the difficult circumstances, Evelyn remains cheerful.

She thanks Pearl for her letter, reports that “Lottie was up today”, and asks Pearl, “Now answer soon”.

One hopes that Pearl enjoyed her birthday, that Arthur recovered from the measles without complications, that Evelyn and Florena returned to school, and that all enjoyed a beautiful Spring.


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