A Banjo for Mrs. Smith -Saranac Lake, NY (1910)

Mrs. James Smith was in Saranac Lake, the beautiful town in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.


It is possible that Mrs. Smith beginning her summer vacation, as she is staying in the home of Mrs. Warren in this lake-side resort.

On May 23, 1910, Mrs. Smith received a birthday postcard from her friend, Mrs. James Nelson.

Mrs. Nelson mailed the postcard from Garrison, a charming hamlet in the Hudson River Valley -across the River from West Point.


The face of the postcard is a drawing of a banjo festooned with ribbons and painted with a bucolic scene.

We don’t know if Mrs. Smith had any musical interests, but it is a lovely Birthday Postcard.

On the reverse, Mrs. Nelson sends, “love and best wishes”.

On hopes that Mrs. Smith was pleased by the postcard, that she enjoyed her summer on Saranac Lake, and that the Mrs. Nelson remained a friend and correspondent for many years.

(Mail for Mrs. Smith is sent to “Ampersand Avenue”. and I am curious to know if the streets of Saranac Lake are named for punctuation marks.)


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