St. Patrick’s Day for Miss Wenger – Gap, PA (1914)

Miss Susan Wenger lived in Gap, the charming town that grew up at a pass through Mine Ridge in eastern Lancaster County, PA.,_Pennsylvania

On March 16, 1914, Susan received a postcard from “Me” in Philadelphia.

One assumes that the writer was on terms of great familiarity with Miss Wenger and would be recognized immediately.

The face of the postcard is a stately illustration linking the great green banner of Ireland and a flag of the United States.

The image is framed by a border of shamrocks.

The postcard was “Printed in Germany”, quite possibly a year or two earlier.

On the reverse, Susan’s friend asks about Horace and Elsie- perhaps these are children of Susan’s, other family members, or mutual friends.

Philadelphia may have had a spell of cold Winter weather as the writer notes, “it is nice and warm here now.”

One hopes that Miss Wenger was pleased by the greeting and that she and her friend enjoyed a merry St. Patrick’s Day.


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