Friends in Winter – Harrisburg, PA (1905)

This postcard, although mailed in April, features a winter scene of friendly animals.

An original drawing, on the face, depicts a shaggy donkey attending to two pigeons on a wooden fence.

Behind them is a grey, winter landscape.

The postcard was sent to Miss Lenor Lukens of Harrisburg.,_Pennsylvania

The sender, from Philadelphia, did not leave any identifying information.

(The absence of a message is disappointing when searching for clues about the correspondents, but is welcome when trying to visualize the artwork without a messy inscription on the face.)

In 1905, the message would have to appear on the face, and there are errant marks from the Post Office or mail bag already visible in the lower left.

(The postcard appears to have been preserved in an album as there are hinge marks on the corners.)

One hopes that Lenor was pleased by this bit of postcard art and that she, and the sender, enjoyed the Spring of 1905.


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