“Take Your Medicine and Get Well” – Royal Center, Indiana (1914)

Milford Logan lived in Royal Center, a town in northwest Indiana.  The town was formed when the first railroads reached the territory in 1846.

In July of 1914, Milford received a postcard from Rachel.

From the tone of the message on the reverse, I believe that Milford is a child.

Rachel may be a sister or other relative.

Rachel wrote from Burnett’s Creek, Indiana- a post office that was dissolved in 1922.

A little sleuthing led to documentation confirming Burnettsville as the new name of the small community.

(Burnett’s Creek remains a geographical feature of this area of northwest Indiana.)

It is 13 miles by road from Burnettsville to Royal Center- closer “as the crow flies” due to the roads laid out in square grids.

The face of the postcard is a lovely rural scene.

The process of hand-tinting, in which colored strips are applied to the image, creates the effect of a water-color painting.

On the reverse, we learn the Milford has been ill.

Rachel begins, “Hope you are better now”.

She adds, “Take your medicine good so you will get well”.

The postcard was mailed in July, but there must have been a cool spell in Indiana.

Rachel writes, “Tis so cool my Billy just kicks up,his heels and runs.”

One assumes that Billy is a horse.

It is pleasing to think that Milford recovered fully from his illness and enjoyed the cool days of summer in 1914.


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