“Clarence is a Fine-Looking Chap” – Wynot, Nebraska (circa 1910)

Mrs. Henry Fiedler lived in Winona, the lovely city on the Mississippi River in southeast Minnesota.

In 1910, hundreds of steamboats landed at Winona each year, and the railroads shipped the products from local mills throughout the Midwest.

Sometime around 1910, Mrs. Fiedler received a postcard from her brother, also named Henry.

Brother Henry was in Wynot, a prairie village built on a railroad line in northeast Nebraska.

The community today is somewhat smaller than it was in 1910.

The face of the postcard bears a bright illustration of orange flowers and the words “Greetings from Wynot, Neb” in hand-applied glitter.

On the reverse, Henry inscribed a message thanking his “dear sister” for her letter and picture.

Henry comments, “Clarence is a fine looking chap”.

It sounds like Clarence was a new addition to the family, perhaps a new child or the suitor of a daughter.

Because the postcard was not stamped or postmarked, we might assume that Brother Henry enclosed it within a letter.

One hopes that Mrs. Fiedler and all her family, Clarence, and brother Henry, enjoyed the years of the early twentieth century.


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