The Baby and the Anthracite Mine – Wilmington, Delaware (1911)

Mrs. Richard Webb lived in Wilmington, Delaware and she had a baby.

In May of 1911, Mrs. Webb received a postcard from Alma in Scranton, PA.

At this time, Scranton was a very prosperous industrial city in the Anthracite Region of northern Pennsylvania.

Alma reports that she had been “trying to get a chance to send you a line for a week or more”.

Alma inquires specifically about Mrs. Webb and the baby, and then adds a hope that all the other family members are in good health as well.

We cannot tell if Alma was visiting Scranton or if she lived “up here among the coal mines”.

She did “expect to get down the anthracite mine”.

The postcard greeting sent to Mrs. Webb bears original postcard art copyrighted by the Chicago Colortype Company in 1907.

A young woman in flowing garb holds an infant at her breast.

An inscription, “Best Wishes”, appears beneath the figure.

From the image on the postcard and the specific greeting to the mother and “little one”, I assume that the baby arrived recently.

The postcard was preserved in good condition for more than a century, suggesting that it was treasured by Mrs. Webb.

One hopes that Alma visited the anthracite mine and that she enjoyed the bustling city of Scranton.


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