The Bird and the Apples- Sunbury, PA (circa 1910)

Foster Herman lived in Sunbury, PA, a city on the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania.
Foster had a sister, May, who gave him a beautifully-illustrated postcard.
The postcard, made in Germany, bears a painted illustration of a small bird, perhaps a finch, amid
lustrous apples.
It is a very fine piece of original (and anonymous) postcard art.
May does not indicate an occasion for the gift of the postcard – perhaps it was Foster’s birthday.
On the reverse, May writes, “What do you think of this apple and bird”.
The postcard is addressed, but not mailed.
Foster Herman can be found on-line.
He was born in Sunbury in 1903, making him about seven years old when he received the postcard.
Foster was the son of Norman Herman and Florence Lucinda Dunkelberger.
Although one sibling is identified in the record I found, “May” is not named.
Foster married Grace Kerstetter in Sunbury in 1923. The couple had 4 children.
Foster died in 1968, but Grace lived until 1994.
It seems that Foster saved the postcard from his sister throughout his lifetime.


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