The Churches of Miss Emma Hankel – Galion, Ohio (1911)

In 1911, Miss Emma Hankel lived in Galion, Ohio, a small city midway between Columbus (to the south) and Lake Erie (to the north) in central Ohio.,_Ohio

Emma belonged to a postcard club, and one of her correspondents was William S. who lived in Wellsville, Ohio.

William begins his greeting as, “Dear P. C. Friend”.

Wellsville is a village along the Ohio River in eastern Ohio.,_Ohio

Emma’s fellow collectors of postcards knew of her preference for pictures of churches.

Many years ago, at an antique shop in another Ohio town, I found more than a dozen postcard photographs of Ohio churches that had been mailed to Emma.

In the early 20th century, the Methodist Church was formally titled “The Methodist Episcopal Church”.

Only in 1968, upon merger with the Evangelical United Brethren denomination, did the “United Methodist Church” appear.

The church that William sent to Emma, was the “First ME Church” of Wellsville.

First Methodist of Wellsville was organized in the 1820’s; this is believed to be the first Methodist Church in Ohio.

(William wrote, “Here is an old church in Wellsville…”, so the building was not new in 1911.)

I cannot find a history of the church which identifies the year that the building in the photograph was erected.

A United Methodist Church still stands on Main Street in Wellsville, but I cannot confirm that it is the same building.

This postcard was printed in Germany.

It was mailed on July 28, and William asks, “are you enjoying these summer days?”

One hopes that Miss Hankel was pleased by this addition to her collection of Churches.


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