The City of Reading Celebrates 175 years – Reading, PA (1923)

Between September 30 and October 6 of 1923, the citizens of Reading, PA held a week-long birthday party.

This commemorative postcard was copyrighted by C. H. Hunter and published by J. George Hintz.

The publication was done “for the Committee”, which appears to be the civic group responsible for the planning and execution of the celebration.

The evocative drawing contrasts early forms of transportation (the Conestoga Wagon) with an automobile, a contemporary railway locomotive (which contributed greatly to the prosperity of the city), and a tiny bi-plane overhead.

The contemporary skyline of this prosperous city forms the background for the scene.

The smoke rising from factories speaks to the industries that were once identified with Reading.

The celebration generated a large amount of memorabilia; a quick look on-line shows souvenir coins, lapel buttons, and official souvenir booklets that are offered for sale by web vendors.

This postcard was not mailed; I assume that it was saved as a souvenir of the festival.

As the year 2023 approaches, I hope to hear of a celebration of the 275th anniversary of this historic city.


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