The Cutest Girl in West Virginia – Wheeling, West Virginia (1909)

Mrs. S. Bell lived in New Castle, Ohio, an unincorporated community in eastern Ohio.

New Castle is close to the Ohio River and the border of West Virginia – it is also close to the border of Pennsylvania.

In April of 1909, Mrs. Bell received a postcard photograph from Nada who mailed the card from Wheeling, West Virginia.

The photograph was made at Brinkmeir’s Studio which had branches in Pittsburgh, PA, Wheeling, West Virginia and other towns.

Nada identifies the smiling girl as “our baby”, and shares that “that is a very natural smile.”

Like proud parents (or grandparents) everywhere, Nada claims that, “she is the cutest baby going.”

We don’t know the name of the cheerful youngster, but we hope that the rest of her youth was happy as well.

Mrs. Bell seems to have treasured the picture as it is in good condition more than a century later.


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