The Hubers Visit Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA (1908)

In the Fall of 1908, Mr. And Mrs. David Huber paid a visit to David’s cousin in Philadelphia.

Upon their return to Lancaster, Mrs. Huber sent a letter of thanks to the cousin, F. Shetter.

To acknowledge the letter, F. Shetter sent a postcard photograph of South Broad Street in the center of Philadelphia.

The postcard, published by the Taylor Art Company of Philadelphia, was mailed from the West Park Station.

On the reverse, the cousin expresses delight at the visit, hopes to host the Lancaster “folks” again, reports that they are busy with the beginning of housecleaning, and sends love to all.

Amazingly, the street scape looking south from City Hall on Broad Street, looks very similar today.

This stretch of several blocks includes notable (and beautiful) landmarks such as the former Bellevue Stratford Hotel, the original Academy of Music, and the Union League building.

(Unfortunately, these structures are not prominent in this postcard scene.)


The Hans Herr House, the oldest European construction in what is now Lancaster County, was once owned by a David Huber.

I do not know if this is the same person by that name as there are numerous members of the Huber clan in the area.

One hopes that Mr. and Mrs. Huber and cousin, F. Shetter, enjoyed continued friendship (and many more visits) in the years to come.


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