The Laurel & Rex Engine House – York, PA (1909)

The threat of fires hung heavily on cities throughout the early twentieth century.

Investment in fire-fighting equipment and in a force of fire-fighters was a source of civic pride.

In July of 1909, Miss Koening was living at 427 Fremont Street in Lancaster, PA.

She received a postcard from “a dear friend, Jack”, in York, PA.

The postcard featured a hand-tinted photograph of the Engine House at Laurel and Rex Streets in York.

The postcard, published by C. E. Wheelock & Company of Peoria, Illinois, was made in Germany.

Other postcard photographs of C. E. Wheelock can be found below.

In this photograph, the horse-drawn fire wagon can be seen, surrounded by fireman (I assume), in front of the station.

This is a handsome and substantial Fire House.

Mailed from York on July 13, the postcard was signed by Jack on the face and on the reverse.

One hopes that the citizens of York took comfort in the sight of the firehouse, and that Miss Koening was delighted to receive the greeting from Jack.


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