Looking for a Roommate at Normal School – Kutztown, PA (1911)

I love finding postcards with written messages, especially if there is an interesting story therein.

(Most postcard collectors prize un-mailed cards in pristine condition, while I usually look through card boxes by reading the reverse of the cards first.)

This postcard relates to a “Normal School”, secondary schools designed to prepare students for careers in teaching.

Most Normal Schools have become colleges within State Education systems.


In January of 1911, John sent a postcard from Kutztown, PA to his friend, Ira Zimmerman, who lived in Snyders, PA.


(Snyders is an unincorporated community at the foot of Blue Mountain in Schuykill County, just outside of Berks County.)


John was a student at Kutztown Normal School, and he needed to find a roommate for the Spring term.


John asked if Ira was returning for the Spring term and if  he wanted to share a room with John.

The face of the postcard contains a hand-tinted photograph

of the “Principal’s Quarters” at the school.

I assume that the “Principal” was the head of the school.

I do not know if this building is still standing on the campus.

The photograph was made by David S. Keck of Kutztown.

One hopes that Ira was able to return to school and that John found him to be a pleasant roommate.


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