“The Loveliest, Most Scrumptious Time” – Hanover Junction, PA (1907)

In July of 1907, Florence sent a postcard to her friend, Carrie Quickel, who lived at 1308 North George Street in York.

Florence reported that she was “…having the loveliest most scrumptious time you ever heard of…”

This remarkable summer seems to involve fishing.

Despite the annoying instance of a fish biting the hooks from the fishing line, Florence suggests that supper included “many fish”.

The face of the postcard is a signed drawing of figures in traditional Dutch garb.

Unfortunately, the postcard was printed with an “undivided back”, so Florence scribbled her message onto the face of the postcard.

The postcard was mailed from Hanover Junction, PA – an important Railroad switching station for trains traveling eastward toward Hanover and York or, westward, to Gettysburg.

One hopes that Florence continued to enjoy her summer adventures and that Carrie was pleased to receive the postcard greeting.


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