The New Hired Man – East Orange, New Jersey (1914)

In earlier postcard stories, we met Hampton Pullis when he was a child and living in northern New Jersey.

[“A Roller Skate for the New Year” (1911) and “Uncle John Sends Best Wishes” (1908)]

By 1914, Hampton was no longer addressed as “Master”, but I believe that he was only about 12 years old.

For his birthday in March, Hampton received a postcard from his uncle; the postmark obscures the place in New Jersey from which the postcard was mailed.

Hampton is now living in East Orange, the city of tree-shaded streets to the west of Newark, New Jersey.

(The first European settlers of East Orange were from the New Haven Colony of Connecticut; they moved to this location on the Passayak River in 1666.),_New_Jersey

The face of the postcard is an amusing drawing of a boy and his dog; the boy is attired in the overalls (neatly patched) that were typical attire for farm boys.

The boy is also chewing on a stem of hay, which is the basis of the stereotypical “hayseed”.

On the reverse, Hampton’s uncle jokingly reports that “Here is Uncle’s new hired man…”

Uncle asks, “how do you like him?”

Hampton seems to have saved all the affectionate greetings of his relatives throughout his life.

We may assume that he was delighted to receive his uncle’s greeting.


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