The Pastor Celebrates Four Years – Springfield, Ohio (1905)

In October of 1905, the Rev. Marion Baker celebrated the beginning of his fifth year of service at High
Street Christian Church.
The church was located in Springfield, Ohio, a city 45 miles west of Columbus and a growing center of
publishing (Collier’s Weekly) and other industry.
The pastor sent postcards to the members of the congregation expressing gratitude for the blessings of
these years and encouraging each one to continue in “our personal growth in grace and our united work
in the Lord”.
The High Street of Springfield, Ohio still boasts a number of Churches – United Methodist, Episcopal,
Church of the Nazarene, e.g.- but I cannot find reference to this congregation, “High Street Christian
It is possible that it merged with another congregation or denomination, or evolved into another entity.
Note: The “Christian Churches”, arising in New England in the early 19th century, were part of a radical
movement that eschewed denominational traditions.
Many of the congregations later joined the United Church of Christ.
Likewise, the Rev. Marion Baker remains elusive.
Rev. Marion Baker of Springfield, Ohio is listed in the Alumni Directory of Yale University in 1908 – so, it
is probable that this minister was a Yale graduate in possession of a PhD. degree.
In 1908, Rev. Marion Baker of Springfield was named Secretary of the “Herald of Gospel Liberty”, the
publication of the “Christian Churches”.
Thus, we know that the young pastor was well-educated and well-respected as he continued his ministry
in Springfield.
One hopes that his hopes and prayers for the church were realized.


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