The Best for Thanksgiving in York?- Poth’s Beer 1909

In November of 1909, Mr. Daniel Forry was living at 125 South Green Street in York.
Daniel received an advertising postcard recommending the wares of two local merchants, H. Weigel and
Chas. Moul, both of York.
These merchants were purveyors of Poth’s beer, which was celebrated as “sparkling, refreshing,
enjoyable” and “as necessary as the turkey” at Thanksgiving.
Postmarked in Philadelphia on November 19, the handsome card features a pair of turkeys on the face.
The reverse features a list of reasons to be grateful; the list culminates in Poth’s Beer.
I have added two comments with links to fascinating articles about this large brewery in Philadelphia.
Poth’s was wildly popular among German-Americans in Pennsylvania.
My family roots are German and Swiss.
While our Thanksgiving feasts are now gladdened with wine, I have no doubt that good beer may have
been preferred in the past.


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