The Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge at the Conestoga River – Circa 1935

Views of the RR bridge at the old Water Works for Lancaster, PA are not rare, but I recently found this night view that I had never seen before.

Printed on textured paper that resembles linen cloth, these “linen postcards” became popular in the 1930’s and remained so until true color photography replaced them in the 1950’s.

The uneven surface of linen postcards caused ink to dry faster, permitting better application of color and faster production.

In this postcard, for example, the shading of clouds and moonlight would not have been possible with hand-tinted dye sheets.

So, although not rare, the postcard is an excellent example of postcard art circa 1935.

The postcard was not mailed, which helped to preserve its condition.

Today, travelers who cross Pennsylvania on Amtrak coaches are carried across the Conestoga River on this bridge.


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