The Seltzers Tour the Mediterranean – Oxford, PA (1928)

Mrs. John Hays lived on Pine Street in Oxford, a borough in southern Chester County, PA.

( in 1928, Oxford was still connected both to the railroad lines running west from Philadelphia and to a local rail line running south to Wilmington and Baltimore.

There was more industry in the town in 1928 than at the end of the 20th century – the town was by-passed by state roads to Philadelphia, and interstate 95 removed the town from the north -south commercial traffic between large east coast cities.)

Sometime in 1928, Mrs. Hays received a postcard greeting from the Seltzers.

The postcard, featuring a beautiful painting of Capri – the Italian island in the Bay of Naples, was printed in Italy.

Mailed from Marseilles, the postcard lost the French postage stamp.

Perhaps a young stamp collector in the Hays family removed it.

On the reverse, we learn that the Seltzers have traveled to Morocco, Algiers, Naples, Monte Carlo, Gibraltar, and Marseilles.

Now, the Seltzers are heading home.

The message begins, “Dear Folks”, so it may be that Mrs. Seltzer had been Miss Hays.

One hopes that the completion of the journey was equally enjoyable and that many travel stories were shared with Mrs. Hays.


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