The Singer Building – Vanished Landmark of New York

The Singer Building, home of the world’s largest manufacturer of sewing machines, was the world’s tallest building for a brief period of 1908-1909.

Located in the financial district of Manhattan, the building was an important example of innovations (steel frame construction, internal elevators) that fueled the rapid development of “skyscrapers” in New York City.

Alas, ground space is often deemed more valuable than architecture during periods of rapid growth.

The large ground plan of the Singer Building could accommodate a much larger structure – and this became critical as building technology evolved and the need for office space continued to rise in later years.

The beaux arts building with a lovely tower was razed in 1968 to accommodate a larger building which multiplied the available office space on the site.

At the time of demolition, the Singer complex was the largest building ever disassembled in New York.

This hand-tinted postcard photograph was copyrighted by Irving Underhill of New York, a notable commercial photographer.

Printed about 1920, this postcard was not mailed.


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