The Unsuccessful Fishermen – Clam Falls, Wisconsin (1918)

Mr. And Mrs. E. C. Warner lived in Minneapolis, the largest city in Minnesota.

In May of 1918 they received a postcard from “The Fishermen”.

A group of friends had traveled to Clam Falls, a town in northwest Wisconsin, in order to fish.

The Clam River had been dammed in the mid-19th century to support the shipping of lumber.

We don’t know the area’s reputation for fishing.,_Wisconsin

The trip to Clam Falls had taken longer than expected, and the short fishing episode of the first day was very disappointing.

“So far, Harold has caught the only fish – a sunfish.”

The group plans to “stay over” and try again tomorrow.

The tone of the message suggests that this was a merry group who may have shared other outings.

The face of the postcard is a beautiful illustration of a placid stream shaded by trees.

A solitary fisherman stands in the foreground.

The color palette is dominated by shades of green and blue- a lovely composition.

One hopes that “The Fishermen” of Clam Falls enjoyed greater success on the second day of their excursion.


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