“Today You are 35 Years Old” – Mifflinburg, PA (1916)

Mother & Grandmother Send a Birthday Gift

This postcard-sized greeting accompanied a gift to an unnamed son and grandson on his 35th birthday.

The card is annotated with the date and place (Mifflinburg, October 10, 1916) as a posted greeting would be.

(Mifflinburg is a borough in Union County of central Pennsylvania.  It was the center of a substantial buggy-manufacturing industry.)

It is not rare to find postcards employed as gift cards, but printed notecards such as this are less common.

Mother composed a simple verse to celebrate the special day for her son.

She expresses the pious wish, “think how good the Lord has been…” in preserving her son through these 35 years.

In respect of that care, Mother hopes that her son will remain “loyal and true”.

The reference to an enclosed gift is expressed in verse form beginning, “A little remembrance…”.

Mother signs the message as “Jennie B. Mench”, so we assume that her son bears the same surname.

One hopes that he, the son and grandson, did feel gratitude and happiness on his 35th birthday.


Daniel Joshua Mench was born in 1881 in Westmoreland County, PA.

He died in 1944.

This is the only male person named Mench who was born in 1881 that I could find.

An on-line resource for the Mench/Mensch Family documents the many generations that have lived in Union County.


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