Tricks of the Trade – Millmont, PA (1906)

Mr. Bernard Fessler lived in Milmont, an unincorporated community of Union County in central Pennsylvania.,_Pennsylvania

In November of 1906, Bernard received a comic postcard from an unidentified correspondent.

(Portions of the postcard have been abraded, as though tape had been applied -or the area was erased deliberately.)

The postcard appears to have been mailed from Bucknell, PA – but I cannot find an historical post office by that name.

There was a small community named “Bucknell” in neighboring Northumberland County (near Sunbury, PA) but I cannot determine that it ever had a post office.

The face of the postcard bears an amusing drawing; a house painter, suspended on a platform, kisses the parlor maid who leans out the window.

This extra-professional dalliance is labeled, “Tricks In All Trades”.

I cannot distinguish any identifying marks of an artist or of a publisher.

The postcard was printed close to the time that it was mailed.

Despite the damage that the postcard suffered sometime in the last century, the drawing has survived remarkably well.

The anonymous artist captures an amusing flirtation and romance among laborers.

One hopes that Bernard was pleased by the postcard and enjoyed whatever message his correspondent may have intended.


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