Worn on Approval – Cookstown, NJ (1906)

We met Miss Challender in earlier postcard stories; she received many postcards related to love and romance.

Miss Challender lived in Cookstown, an unincorporated community of Burlington County in central New Jersey.


In February of 1906, Miss Challender received a humorous postcard from an unidentified friend or acquaintance.

The postcard was mailed from Philadelphia, PA, and postmarked again as the postcard was transferred through a post office in Bordentown, NJ.

This postcard is a comic postcard – poking fun at a young woman who abuses the shop’s policy of taking garments “On Approval”.

The face of the postcard is a simple drawing of a young woman in a stylish outfit; she is wearing a hat and carrying a muff.

The artist inscription, “Myer” appears at the top right.

Below the woman is the satiric verse, “To the Stylish Girl”.

“Paris hats become you greatly,

Richest cloaks you’ll never lack;

They are sent home on approval,

Worn one night and then sent back”

I don’t believe that Miss Challender was guilty of this practice; it appears to be a shared joke between young friends.

It is unfortunate that Miss Challender pasted her postcards into an album, as the reverse of every card is disfigured by glue.

The careful preservation suggests, however, that the postcard was treasured by the recipient.


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