US Representative Lafean & the Post Office – York, PA (circa 1910)

I am posting this bit of political advertising as a sample of constituent services by a US Congressman circca 1910.

Daniel Franklin Lafean was a prominent figure in York during the early 20th century.

He served as US Representative from 1903-1913, and again from 1915-1917.

Sometime during his tenure in the US House, Lafean secured appropriation for a new Post Office building in York.

Obtaining federal projects for the home district was once a bragging point for politicians, and Lafean celebrated his success in a congratulatory postcard that may have been a campaign promotion.

The postcard was published by the Penn Novelty & Supply Company of York.

The postcard was not addressed, nor mailed.

Many citizens think differently about “pork projects” these days, although federal dollars in one’s own district are seldom as controversial as federal outlays in some other person’s district.

Here is the opening summary from the Wiki:

“Lafean was born in York, Pennsylvania to German immigrants from Posen.

He was engaged in candy manufacturing and in banking in York.

He served as a director of the Gettysburg College and trustee of the Gettysburg Seminary in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

He was the first president of the American Caramel Company and was later a co-founder and president of the Keystone Color Works”.


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