Victor Celebrates a Birthday – Galt, Missouri (circa 1910)

Victor Berry lived in Galt, a small city in north-central Missouri.

The town was platted in 1881 when the railroad reached the area.

Unfortunately, the height of population was reached in 1890; today, the city is only a third of the size that it was in 1910.,_Missouri

Sometime around 1910, Victor was celebrating a birthday.

He received a very nice postcard greeting from friends or neighbors, Alma and Will.

The postcard was not mailed, which might suggest that the senders lived nearby.

On the face, deeply-embossed blossoms frame a wooded scene.

A pair of birds are perched above the legend, “Birthday Greetings”.

In pencil, the initials, “W.D.”, might be a further clue to the senders.

On the reverse, Alma and Will ask how Victor is doing and express a wish for “a Happy Birthday”.

One hopes Victor enjoyed the day; he seems to have treasured the postcard throughout his life.


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