Victoria & Elmer Play Pebble Beach – Salinas, California (1937)

In September of 1937, Mrs. Alice Sherrard was living in Spokane, Washington – the lovely city between the Selkirk Mountains and the foothills of the Rockies in eastern Washington.

Alice received a postcard from Victoria who, with Elmer, was enjoying “a grand trip” through Monterey County, California.

The trip involved golfing, as Victoria writes that they are “playing glorious courses” which included Del Monte and Pebble Beach.

Pebble Beach is often cited as the greatest public golf course in the US and it has hosted the US Open more often than any other course.

The face of the postcard bears a beautiful print of a painting, “A Monterey Cypress”, by the artist, William Adam.

Published by the California Art Company of Monterey, the postcard celebrates the hardy trees that hug the Pacific coast.

Apart from golf courses, the Salinas River Valley of Monterey County is known as a rich agricultural area and the “Salad Bowl of the World”.

The area was described often in the works of John Stenbeck who lived in Salinas.

The postcard was mailed from Salinas which is the largest city and the County Seat.

One hopes the Elmer and Victoria retained happy memories of their travels in the late summer of 1937 and that that shared them with Mrs. Sherrard when they met again.


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