Violets for Christmas – Holly, Colorado (1909)

Mrs. A. L. Hare lived in Holly, a small community in southeast Colorado -at the border with Kansas.

Holly began as a ranching town, but a boom in the manufacture of sugar from sugar beets led to growth of the area. Today, the Holly Sugar Company is no longer present in Colorado.,_Colorado

In December of 1909, Mrs. Hare received a postcard greeting from a friend – Mrs. C. N. Adams.

Mrs. Adams inscribes her address as San Pedro, California and the postcard seems to have been mailed from that place.

(The postmark is almost illegible.)

San Pedro was once a fishing community on the coast of southern California. It was annexed to the city of Los Angeles and is now home to the Port of LA.,_Los_Angeles

The face of the postcard is a very nice illustration of violets.

The colorful bouquet is well-executed and very well-colored.

A calling card reads, “Every Good Wish”.

The postcard was printed in Germany.

On the reverse, Mrs. Adams begins her message by announcing, “I am still looking for that letter”.

The message continues with a warmer tone: “Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year”.

One hopes that Mrs. Hare was delighted by the postcard, that she promptly completed a newsy letter to Mrs. Adams, and that the friends enjoyed a wonderful Christmas of 1909.


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